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Q is for Quan Yin: A-to-Z Challenge

Quan Yin is also commonly spelled Kwan Yin, Kuan Yin, or Kannon.  Why so many spellings?  Because the name is a transliteration of the Chinese name!   The name is short for Kuan-shi-yin. Quan Yin is the Bodhisattva of compassion.  A … Continue reading

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A is for Addiction (and, Alcoholism)

I was quiet about my addiction for many years except among close friends and family.  Then a couple of years ago I realized it was like so many things, that those with courage needed to bring it out of the … Continue reading

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Starting to Paint

I kept making my safe, linear, planned art, being unsatisfied with its perfection. I went into silence at the new moon. The goddesses came, and I saw them everywhere. I loosened up, not a lot, but any little bit helped. I picked up a palette knife. I painted, and played Enya and Springsteen and Beach Boys and Vivaldi. I sang and I danced while I painted. And then one day the Madonna danced off the canvas to dance with me and I knew I had made it, shifted into the person I wanted to be. Continue reading

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The Goddess of Willendorf

I am entranced by this small figurine, known as the Venus of Willendorf.  I began drawing and painting her twenty years ago.  I saw her in a museum in London and bought the small reproduction they had.  At the time … Continue reading

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