WE can do this hard thing….

A thought for the day, as we look into the future of the USA…

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This is for Linda Hill’s one-liner Wednesday, today’s word is “wordless”.

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The Grace of Ritual

I am double posting this week, on dkatiepowellart and here,  journaling.
I’m writing an online art journaling class and if you are interested you
may want to follow or drop me a line.  No drawing experience necessary.

My gratitude was easier even though it was a tough week.
Politics is effecting me, making me so sad.
While we try to live in the present, we also look to the future,
as Chagdud Rinpoche once said, “with a little bit of hope.”
The hatred, the pulling apart of our basic rights,
and feeling a bit old to be fighting this when in fact
we are still working long hours to make a business run,
is making it hard to see the future with any type of upbeat dreaming.
I hope this shifts during the eclipse time.

*spoiler alert… this is not all happy happy silly silly.
it is more like life than that….*

Gratitude was easy, though.
Our insane cats kept us both laughing, even to the point of laughing
long after the fact seeing the visuals I witnessed this week!
*giggling now*
It started with my water cup lid going missing.
I have to have a lid on the water beside my bed or trust me,
small tongues will shortcut into my water glass instead of walking to their bowls.
*i love them, but they would go to my glass
after stretching their legs into the air to clean their tuchies!*
I looked everywhere, under the bed, in the b ed, and finally gave up.
Next day I found it in his toy stash!
*i could see him in my mind’s eye trotting this huge lid out in front of him like
an African lip plate, bat ears out to the side, big as ever!*

Grateful for the good news: Oregon intends to protect the ACA on their own…
despite what the feds do.  Thankful for people, color, work, and acts of forgiveness.
*especially the grace of forgiveness. 
true regret, contrition and forgiveness bond trust over time.*

Then back to the crazy cats again, as they stole dowels from Mitchell’s woodworking pile,
continued to hide Julie’s ice cream sticks everywhere, and then the funniest thing yet,
Yamantaka decided he loves pea pods.  Raw.
Begs for them and carries his everywhere.  Such a strange and funny cat!

The new moon and lunar eclipse fell (in the Vedic tradition) with Ganesha..
We did a Ganesha Puja and shared our intention for the next cycle.
We do this and use the lunar cycle to mark the time we share it.
I entered our intentions into my journal…
*a bit too personal and involves others to share*
I’ve also been listening to Ken Burns “Roosevelt” and caught this quote by Eleanor…
roughly.  I had to look it up… very timely for NOW.

When you write in a journal you really get to see the changing tides of day to day…
Up and down, sweet and sour, joy and sorrow.  It is a bit like riding on a swing.
Stubbed toe, unable to walk, scoring a sweet Coronado platform rocker
to reupholster for resale (or to keep, if we like),
horrid painting days one day then the next, a good day…  Round and round…

While looking at gratitude, it has been years since we’ve had a good burger.
I grew up with butcher’s and growers and ranchers and
was used to good meat from people who killed humanely.
*my mother tells the “horrid” story of her dad patting the animal
then shooting it, while she munched at In n’ Out, a factory burger…
at 95 I’m not going to change her to see he was being kind.*
I don’t like the current state of meat industry and we won’t eat it unless it meets our criteria… no hormones, no GMO, no feed lots, humanely raised and dispatched.
We’ve found good beef from a local rancher and again enjoy an occasional burger.
Mitchell piles his high with everything on it, a true West Coast burger!

To hear about journaling classes,
follow me on Facebook or check out my new,
improved website dkatiepowellart.com

Hahnemühle Nostalgie Sketchbook,
Pentalic HB woodless pencil,
a host of pens and inks and watercolors —
my favorite is the Platinum Carbon Pen with
Platinum Carbon ink waterproof cartridges.

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10 Ways to Fight Hatred

I am so upset about the comfort zone that many feel about venting their hatred.
I do think that this has been under the surface and
perhaps bringing it to the surface is good in one way; shadow material is dangerous.  Bringing it to light perhaps will allow those that are put upon to see that there is a groundswell of us that are not bigoted (even if naive) and will stand with them.
I don’t know.  But it is here and how do we deal with it? 

10 Ways to Fight Hatred

by the Southern Poverty Law Center

This guide sets out 10 principles for fighting hate, along with a collection of inspiring stories of people who worked to push hate out of their communities.


Hate in America is a dreadful, daily constant. The dragging death of a black man in Jasper, Texas; the crucifixion of a gay man in Laramie, Wyo.; and the stabbing death of a Latino immigrant in Long Island, N.Y., are not “isolated incidents.” They are eruptions of a nation’s intolerance.

Bias is a human condition, and American history is rife with prejudice against groups and individuals because of their race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or other differences. The 20th century saw major progress in outlawing discrimination, and most Americans today support integrated schools and neighborhoods. But stereotypes and unequal treatment persist, an atmosphere often exploited by hate groups.

When bias motivates an unlawful act, it is considered a hate crime. Race and religion inspire most hate crimes, but hate today wears many faces. Bias incidents (eruptions of hate where no crime is committed) also tear communities apart — and threaten to escalate into actual crimes.

In recent years, the FBI has reported between 7,000 and 8,000 hate crime incidents per year in the United States. But law enforcement officials acknowledge that hate crimes — similar to rape and family violence crimes — go under-reported, with many victims reluctant to go to the police. In addition, some police agencies are not fully trained to recognize or investigate hate crimes, and many simply do not collect or report hate crime data. A definitive study by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2005 estimated there are about 191,000 hate crime incidents per year.

The good news is …
All over the country people are fighting hate, standing up to promote tolerance and inclusion. More often than not, when hate flares up, good people rise up against it — often in greater numbers and with stronger voices.

This guide sets out 10 principles for fighting hate, along with a collection of inspiring stories of people who worked to push hate out of their communities.

Whether you need a crash course to deal with an upcoming white-power rally, a primer on the media or a long-range plan to promote tolerance in your community, you will find practical advice, timely examples and helpful resources in this guide. The steps outlined here have been tested in scores of communities across the nation by a wide range of human rights, faith and civic organizations.

Our experience shows that one person, acting from conscience and love, is able to neutralize bigotry. Imagine, then, what an entire community, working together, might do.

Continue here…

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WATWB: Ietef Vita: Healing His Community!

Ietef Vita:  Educator, Hip Hop Yogi, Youth role model!
This is good news… On so many levels.  For him, for his community, for our planet!

Interested in lifting the vibration in the world with stories of compassion and positivity?  Sign up in the
WE ARE THE WORLD Linky List below to
join us and be visited on the last Friday when you post your article!  Please help spread the word via
the hashtag #WATWB.

Click here to enter your link on this Linky Tools list…

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Yakity-Yak: Don’t Talk Back!

“Yakity-Yak… Don’t talk back!” Jerry Leiber + Mike Stroller

Bikerchick got this one going for me… you know, when another person’s blog spurs you into writing as you didn’t know you had so many stories to tell?

Talking to yourself OUT LOUD is dangerous, though it is less dangerous now because people will simply think you’ve got an ear bud in and are on the phone.  Inner voices we all have and they are usually crazy negative.  If you meditate daily they get louder for awhile (5 years) because you begin to really notice how noisy they always were then you just don’t give a rats ass (another 5 years) then they begin to die down.

Since he doesn’t read blogs YET (even mine), I can out him. Mitchell has begin talking OUT LOUD to himself.  I have a new rule in the studio… you have to say when you are talking to a cat or to yourself.  Of course that rule, like most of my attempts to bring order into chaos, is not followed… If he knew he was talking out-loud he would NOT do it.
*now maybe he will begin reading my blog at least*

Mimi talked out-loud when doing chores, and was extremely animated when doing it.
I can mimic her and it cracks me up .
*next post should be about making yourself laugh… i do, all the time.
i find myself hilarious.* 
I think it was like this: “Damn irritating man sits on his ass all day watching tv…”
She is excused for this… they lived alone on a ranch and he was a lazy ass!

Cats and dogs don’t count. In fact, if more people talked to their cats more people would have interesting and lovely cats instead of cats who run for the door to stay out all day because they talk to the squirrels to get their conversational needs met…
Mitchell sings to ours, and they follow him like the Pied Piper.
*singing to cats… another blog post idea*
Ours talk back… and sometimes I understand. When I don’t, my bad.
Sammy squeaks, and his mouth moves a lot like a computerized cat mouth moving…
Yaman goes off yakking loudly when he wants company…

I am counting it as One Liner Wednesday because it was another one-liner post that moved me to write stream of consciousness.  And nobody ever does one line!

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