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Woodie Guthrie, 1940, Relevant Today

Relevant today as when it was written, today’s gift from Terrance Egan! Jesus Christ was a man that traveled through the land Hard-working man and brave. He said to the rich, “Give your goods to the poor,” So they laid … Continue reading

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Storybook Gown made from Golden Books!

Storybook Gown constructed entirely out of recycled children’s Golden Books by Ryan Jude Novelline.  This is a must see site, with amazing images by  Greg Brown. Amazing site, amazing gown — and links to his process photos.  

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W is for Wishes: A-to-Z Challenge

This is the magical wishing flower.  My lawns are always full of wishing flowers, because I love wishes.   Most people pull their wishes and toss them in the garbage.  You can’t tell your wishes or they won’t come true.  You … Continue reading

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T is for Turkey: A-to-Z Challenge

This time of year Ralph + Cheryl have so many chicken, duck and turkey eggs!   The big Tom Gobbler above is hiding his girlfriend, who is the egg-layer, below.  These guys are a bit aggressive, so you have to watch … Continue reading

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P is for Ode to Prayer Flags: A-to-Z Challenge

Prayer flags begin as we do, bright colors, full of the promise, like wishes on a dandelion. People notice them, cheered by their vibrancy. They oh-so-quickly fade, and begin to tatter here and there. Many people take them down when … Continue reading

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L is for Liar’s Moon: A-to-Z-Challenge

An artist I know slightly painted a lovely misty moon, and called it a Liar’s Moon.  Intrigued (I am loony for all things lunar),  I went online searching.  Google was a one note Charlie, so I found mostly the movie, … Continue reading

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H is for Handwriting: A-to-Z Challenge

This is about handwriting, and how it is wired within me to help me to remember. When I hit college I was taking subjects I had no former knowledge of, and this is when I first understood that to remember, … Continue reading

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