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Back to daily journaling.  How does one get to inner peace? A family member (NOT Mitchell) was mad and has yet to work it out with me. I needed to work it out myself, didn’t want the energy swirling around … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions

I don’t usually make resolutions other than my weekly resolution to pleeeeeze get my own body in shape. Last night Mitchell said something and I heard it as he could do yoga and have it benefit me.  For a split … Continue reading

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Laci Green on Feminism

50 plus reasons to be a feminist.  Myths debunked.  And she is funny; not Sarah Silverman funny, but funny. I am a feminist. Because my mother had to work two jobs because she was not allowed to take the hours … Continue reading

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I Was a Dog Growing Up

I kid you not.  Tracey Fletcher King’s recent blogpost reminded me of this. I decided at 5 or 6 I wanted to grow up to be a dog.  I walked around the house on all fours like our dog Cindy, … Continue reading

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Addiction, Again?

Yes, again.  When addiction is a family legacy it rears it’s ugly head every time you turn around. This time it is one of my nephews.  No news here, in one sense.  I remember an argument my mother began and … Continue reading

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Our Old Man

He’s my favorite guy, I’m sorry, but yes, both of us have our special relationships with each of the cats and he is my boy.  As he is getting older, he has become Demando-cat.  He comes to my side when … Continue reading

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Kamala, Our Weird Girl

She prances by me, her big belly swaying on her little feet, because I’ve let her have her way and go in to wake up her beloved, my husband.  She doesn’t acknowledge that I “won” by keeping her away from … Continue reading

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