I am reading about State versus Federal laws and Sanctuary in the Oregon Humanities magazine this morning.  I hang my head as to what Our country has become.  Maybe it always was this but I did not know, but I always thought we were better than this.

Saying a prayer for the sanctuary of all people, every where.
Let them be safe, loved, and find joy.

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13 Responses to Sanctuary

  1. dweezer19 says:

    I know Kate. Right now I am thankful I am busy working and am off social media. I just want to cover my ears, sing “lalalalalalalala….” and drift away to someplace where living beings have sense.

    • Putting my pillow over my head….

      • dweezer19 says:

        I really feel like we have fallen i to some bizarre alt world where Stephen King novels are coning to life….😱

        • Now if only we could get to the end of the horror story and close the book…

          • dweezer19 says:

            Well….a few had good endings. If you don’t count Carrie. Or The Shinig. Or Pet Semetery. But The Stand. Here we stand. Can you spell m.o.o.n.?

          • TRUE CONFESSIONS. I love his stories (plots), love the movies, and have not been able to make it through one of his books except is amazing book on his writing.

          • dweezer19 says:

            I grew to love his work. Unfortunately Pet Semetery was the fisrt lengthy novel I read by him and I had a toddler at the time. Bad mix. When hubs and I met he was an avid/rabid fan and we would read them together, racing each other to the end without revealing details. The Dark Tower series is unequalled in my humble opinion. But I loved It as well. And his short story, The Body on which the movie Stand By Me is based. Classic.

          • I started with The Stand. EVERYONE was raving about it, so I gave it 100 pages then quit. That is a lot of pages for me to give an author before I quit. I wished I loved his writing itself — the words on the page — not just his plats. I love his politics and his wit…

          • dweezer19 says:

            He’s very graphic and writes totally from the masculine point of view. Most all of his female characters are victims or abused but they are given their moments for revenge. He says what most people occasionally allow themselves to think but are afraid to say out loud. And I do believe he is a visionary as far as world events and politics go. Tortured but a visionary, but then again, most are. Happy weejpkend Kate! Did you get my phone text I sent?

  2. loisajay says:

    This whole situation is so sad,Katie. And he has no idea what he is doing or saying. I heard on NPR this morning that his sole mission is to destroy President Obama’s legacy–to become the anti-Obama in every way he can. What a pathetic mission in life.

  3. macjam47 says:

    Oh, Katie, it is sad indeed. This country seems to have lost its way.

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