I am reading about State versus Federal laws and Sanctuary in the Oregon Humanities magazine this morning.  I hang my head as to what Our country has become.  Maybe it always was this but I did not know, but I always thought we were better than this.

Saying a prayer for the sanctuary of all people, every where.
Let them be safe, loved, and find joy.


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12 Responses to Sanctuary

  1. dweezer19 says:

    I know Kate. Right now I am thankful I am busy working and am off social media. I just want to cover my ears, sing “lalalalalalalala….” and drift away to someplace where living beings have sense.

    • Putting my pillow over my head….

      • dweezer19 says:

        I really feel like we have fallen i to some bizarre alt world where Stephen King novels are coning to life….😱

        • Now if only we could get to the end of the horror story and close the book…

          • dweezer19 says:

            Well….a few had good endings. If you don’t count Carrie. Or The Shinig. Or Pet Semetery. But The Stand. Here we stand. Can you spell m.o.o.n.?

          • TRUE CONFESSIONS. I love his stories (plots), love the movies, and have not been able to make it through one of his books except is amazing book on his writing.

          • dweezer19 says:

            I grew to love his work. Unfortunately Pet Semetery was the fisrt lengthy novel I read by him and I had a toddler at the time. Bad mix. When hubs and I met he was an avid/rabid fan and we would read them together, racing each other to the end without revealing details. The Dark Tower series is unequalled in my humble opinion. But I loved It as well. And his short story, The Body on which the movie Stand By Me is based. Classic.

          • I started with The Stand. EVERYONE was raving about it, so I gave it 100 pages then quit. That is a lot of pages for me to give an author before I quit. I wished I loved his writing itself — the words on the page — not just his plats. I love his politics and his wit…

  2. loisajay says:

    This whole situation is so sad,Katie. And he has no idea what he is doing or saying. I heard on NPR this morning that his sole mission is to destroy President Obama’s legacy–to become the anti-Obama in every way he can. What a pathetic mission in life.

  3. macjam47 says:

    Oh, Katie, it is sad indeed. This country seems to have lost its way.

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