SoCS: Language

Timed writing, word is language.
All I have on my mind is kittens!
We have new additions to our family!

Okay, they have a language, one I need to learn.
I’ve heard the mews and heard him growl —
I thought it was stomach troubles because it is the funniest trilling growl!
Fierce protector of his toys.  They are all his toys!

Their language is silent… a look, a way of walking that says it all.
Tail up, he saunters, cockily, when he is confident and on his way into trouble.
When we first introduced them to the holding cell (aka the bathroom until they have a checkup and can be introduced to Sammy) he went for the water, quickly,
but his whole body language as he turned his back was al about a fear.
Tail turned under.  Tail arched under when he walked.
He soon got over it when he saw that she had found a lap spot and was going to sleep,
and tail up, he climbed up Mitchel’s pant and stretched out.
S-T-R-E-TC-H-E-D out.  And fell asleep.
The only thing that got Mitchell off the toilet (remember they are staying in the studio bathroom until their checkup) is his terrible hunger.  We ate at 9pm…
Two hours he sat in bliss with two kittens on his lap.

Her language right now is one of caution, then love.
She is not as gregarious as he is, but that may change as she gets acclimated.
She rolls over and looks at you adoringly for tummy scratches.
No mistaking that request.  And pure love, she doesn’t do that (like some other kitties we’ve had) to then grab your hand to have a play-time.
She wants love, lots and lots of love.
She head bats your feet, your legs, and the toilet if you are sitting on it.
It is a clear message if you speak cat language.

They are a bonded pair from two litters, and they have the sibling thang down.
He is a bit more fastidious (though stepping in his poop and
dragging it everywhere last night didn’t tell belie that fact)
and when she comes out he grabs her and turns her over
and does a thorough bath to make sure all parts are clean.
Hey, boy, how about your own heinie?
He is the boss of her today, but again,
after I saw her confidence on the ride home, that may shift.

That’s all fifteen minutes.  Gotta run.
I can hear them crying and this time it is the language of Get me outta here!

socsbadge2016-17The  Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “language”
Write, no editing (I am dyslexic and do spellcheck).


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13 Responses to SoCS: Language

  1. John Holton says:

    Siamese mix? We had one like your little black one, who I’ll bet is a boy. Solid black, not a speck of white on him.

  2. Laura says:

    Oh, they’re BEAUTIFUL.

  3. loisajay says:


  4. bikerchick57 says:

    I love fur babies and I’m happy you and Mitchell found these two adorable kittens. So much fun to come!

  5. joey says:

    My female kitty is half Siamese, and she is SUCH a lover and a talker. She’s my baby 😀

  6. macjam47 says:

    Beautiful! I bet they keep you busy.

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