SoCS: Mu, Wu

I didn’t need to rhyme with moo because mu or wu is familiar to me
from my twenty-year-old mixed up college self, when my brother came over
dropped off a stack of books about Buddhism and said,
“These will serve you better than a shrink.”
This coming from a psychology major.

He didn’t give me the Gateless Gate.
but I went out and bought it because every book but the Tao books talked about koans.
I should have saved my money.
I’ve always resisted word games and non-visual puzzles.
But there it was, the most famous koan, “Does a dog have Buddha nature?”
Well, dogs may not but cats certainly do was my initial response…
though years later when I had a Chow dog I would change my mind.
Anyway, that isn’t the right answer and here is the thing, everyone knows the right answer: MU, or, wu, depending upon if you are in China or Japan.
Again, wise-ass twenty-year-old says,
“How can this be a test of your breakthrough to
enlightenment if everyone knows the damn answer?”
Okay, it seems that a Zen master or roshi can tell when you are lying.
A bit like my mother.
Still, I never went in for koans…
I sat and meditated and of course, years later I was to understand
that if you signed up in your heart for the path then resist koans the Universe
will give you personal koans if you open your eyes to see them.
If you are lucky and have done sit meditation until you are bored
and then bored some more
and begin to watch your never ending monkeymind yah-yah-yahing at you
soon you begin to be able to see the incredible amount of bull puckey
that mind throws at you to keep you off-balance.

Whoa.  I’m there.  Kensho coming at me, boom.
Timed morning writings I bow to you.

There are no coincidences and Linda Gill picked this to help me along.

I am smack dab in the middle of another life koan right now.
I am self-reflective.
I am willing to look and look if someone tells me I’m an ass.
I’m willing to apologize and change if I can… I’m a work in process.
And RIGHT NOW I have a friend who apparently doesn’t value me.
At all.
She had a problem, blamed me for her problem,
when I gave my part and set some boundaries
(all sounds complicated but was really very simple as the problem was only huge to her) she said I was a nut-job (sometimes true, aren’t we all a little bit?)
and blew doors on our friendship.
I am not shocked at her explosion, but I am shocked at her ending friendship.
A week later, no word from her about her behavior.
My koan:
I would want to be friends with me, warts and all.
I don’t understand why she doesn’t.

I need to get through this, and in-between, as another great teacher said, Brugh Joy,
“Hold the tension.”

Note afterwards: Kenshō is not enlightenment, but a burst of open hearted insight.
I added italics for the foreign terms and name of the book, and I may have gotten the name wrong as this is timed writing not go-to-your-bookshelf writing.  I separated the writing so it wasn’t one long paragraph.  That’s all!

socsbadge2016-17The Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is:
“moo” or something that rhymes with it.  Write, no editing, 15 minutes.
Visit to see what others are writing and try it!!


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3 Responses to SoCS: Mu, Wu

  1. lynnesgarden says:

    Love is eternal and you are inseparable from the ever presence of infinite Love, indeed you are Love itself expressed. No monkey mind drama dance can ever change the fact of your Love being-ness. This charade of life that we travel with all its temporal happiness and sadness based on our monkey mind observations is the dream from which we wake. Your friends monkey mind cruelty at ending a bond and your monkey mind sadness at losing a life long friend can never touch your or hers real uninterrupted relationship in Love because Love is who you both are and what you both express and nothing else. Above all please know that you are loved always.. Sending you healing love this day and always.. Bless you sweet soul.

  2. macjam47 says:

    I had never heard of koans. Very interesting.

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