Politics: Stream of Consciousness Saturday

socsbadge2016-17The  Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “coin.”
Write, no editing (okay I am dyslexic and do spellcheck).

I’ve been thinking about choices we make, how they impact us, how our minds can direct our attention.  No, I am looking at the choices I make, how my choices impact me and those around me, and how my mind moves toward various shiny objects.  Okay, both.

Politics is the great divider this season. I’ve lost friends over it,
and hope not to engage any discussion with relatives for fear of a long standoff.

I’ve stopped taking feeds from those I love or am friends with because I simply didn’t want to engage the beast of political nuttiness, which relies heavily on fear and hatred.

w15-1-1-ajw-fav-book-3-copyThe lojong says, “Don’t be so predictable.”   I hear Trungpa’s words all the time as I listen to the repetitive talking points from “my” party — no longer mine, as I am now wandering in unaffiliated territories — regurgitated, the fear behind the words.  I think the fears talked about draw us away from the real threats.  I believe the real threats are the death of the ocean, our mother, and massive pesticide pollution which brings with it a host of terrors to all life forms.  I believe the real threats are wars-for-profit, which breed hatred.

This is different than when I was in my twenties and was uninformed.  I am informed up to my eyeballs and feel as if there is not a damn thing I can do, seriously.  Like watching a slow moving Mack truck heading toward all that is precious to me.  And unlike most people, I believe we are out of time, and things must change NOW, not in 2020 or 2030.  There is nothing logical about the choices we are being offered, there is much corrupt,
we are being asked to choose between, for me, two sides of a very similar coin for President, with one being a bit spit-shined, but neither has any spending power toward that which I find critical to the health and well-being of our planet.  The nuttiness comes when I try to discuss the truth of the horror I see laying ahead, what is really happening here, versus the talking points most Americans are fed on a 24/7 news cycle.

w16-3-8-rich-german-whale-001I need my sanity.  When there is nothing you can do (and I am doing all I can) then I must back away and simply enjoy my life as best I can, make moves toward a health planet when I can (though there are times I rally wonder about how effective it is for the life of our planet for me to buy organic, as i sit here watching city workman spray some sort of poison on the streets outside.  It may prolong my life, and of course, intention is everything in the biggest karmic picture in all religions.   Love my loved ones, practice compassion when confronted by hatred, paint, cook, pray.  My prayer is that the world, especially Americans (who are behind other countries in grokking the planet’s pollutions), wake up.


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8 Responses to Politics: Stream of Consciousness Saturday

  1. JoAnna says:

    I completely agree with you about the real threats, and I must believe, for my own sanity and well-being, that it is not too late. Thank you for doing what you can, which is what we must do. Beautiful song by Barbara Streisand. I’d never heard it before. I’m praying with you for the wake up.

  2. Dan Antion says:

    I’m laying low this season. I discuss politics with very few people, only the ones I know I can have honest conversations with. Conversations in which “you have a good point” is periodically head. Thanks for adding some beauty to this post.

    • I’ve gone from vocal about Bernie, to laying low, and now I am completely under the covers! And yes, the understanding that has come from discussions of a civil nature from my very right-wing art friends has been illuminating. Now if only that could happen with those from my *old* party. And always have to add pictures!

  3. loisajay says:

    Great post, Kate. At work, we all seem to be on the same page but still….maybe we are just the lucky ones or maybe the quiet ones refuse to partake. As you say, I am enjoying life the best I can–it is the only life I have! Make the most of what you can control.

  4. This presidential campaign has become one long Reality TV show and since I no longer own a TV and only watch things on the Internet, I have opted out of the mainstream media viewing. I feel that my time is better spent in the pursuit of creativity.

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