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What if? by Mary J. Melange

Such a good post that is in line with all that this site is about: What if? I see the smiles of familiar faces on Sunday morning, I feel their hugs and I ask… Why do we wait for an … Continue reading

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From one of my favorite blogs, reflection on change and Hurricane Matthew

Changes/Hurricane Matthew From a blog called Tropical Affair, beautiful and awed reflection on Change If I have learned one thing in my 57 years of life on this lovely spinning rock, it is that there is one thing that is … Continue reading

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Politics: Stream of Consciousness Saturday

The  Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “coin.” Write, no editing (okay I am dyslexic and do spellcheck). I’ve been thinking about choices we make, how they impact us, how our minds can direct our attention.  No, I … Continue reading

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