Politics and our Planet


I wrote this for my Facebook friends, but am also posting it here.

I love the life on this planet more than I love the humans, by far.  I am saying this final statement about why I vote and what I vote for, then it is over for me.  You can skim past this, disagree, whatever, but I feel this truth in my bones.

We are at a critical point in our ability to change the deadly course we are on with the planet, or not.  I think many people somehow think we will pull a rabbit out of a hat, but the problem is, that in the USA, I don’t see the political will to stop the polluting course we are on.  (I am not addressing other countries as I cannot vote nor change their minds — and frankly, it doesn’t matter because we are bigger and more screwed than most.)  I know a good deal about the oceans, geology, chemistry, biology and physics and see that we are screwed, and unfortunately are not only going to kill our grandchildren (and that isn’t enough to wake people up), but probably take most of the life on the planet with us.  And I love the life on this planet more than I love the humans, by far.  I am truly PRO-LIFE in the biggest sense of the word, not some sniggling stupid abortion-or-not sense of the word.  PRO-ALL-OF-LIFE.


It is a good idea to understand the difference between graphs where the line is steadily but gently rising, and exponential graphs which take us skyrocketing in a short time.  We’ve been polluting and occasionally cleaning up the planet for a long time, but the graph of destruction was a gentle hill.  Now it is a skyrocketing climb.  We don’t have 8 more years to change course.  We don’t have time to listen to CNN et all yammer on and manipulate us into feeling good or bad, feeling fear or hopeful.  At some point people have to wake up, and I don’t see that happening and so…

I have had it up to HERE *imagine hand on eyeballs* with the yammering about Clinton versus Trump.  The truth is, that at this juncture, we should be voting for the environmental president.  It won’t matter about human rights or law if we can’t drink the water, swim in the ocean, catch a couple fish, breathe the air, or have bees and other winged creatures doing the many many things that all of life does.  We have a symbiotic planet, and life gets along and supports each other, BUT WE DON’T.  We have screwed up, and our greed, righteousness and self-centeredness is not only going to kill us, but kill most everything else, which is the real tragedy.  I am grieving: whales (heart aches), manatee, seals, coral reefs, a million tropical fish, bees (my namesake), butterflies, herons (I watched them two days ago fishing in a polluted glyphosate river), redwoods (I am crying now), scrub oaks, California poppies, sweet-peas, sunflowers, and a billion other forms of life.  I am crying for the babies being born who will die, and if not, will not know how unbelievably beautiful our planet was.  

Most people don’t care.  They ignorantly hope for some miracle, but won’t be the miracle.  

Clinton versus Trump, Democrat versus Republican, they are the same when it comes to the real issue at hand, because this is a sine qua non — without this, nothing.  Without clean water, clean air, we are dead, and so, the bullshit that most banter on about means NOTHING.  Both candidates support Monsanto (and all polluting entities) and will not reign them in.  They both support fracking, and the dumping of pollution.  They both think it is just grand, like Obama, to go for deep-sea drilling.  They both support war-for-profit in the guise of *danger-danger*, that never ending bullshit that they keep you all hooked into through the terrorism they themselves have procreated.  God we are a stupid species.

I am sick to death of Clinton supporters acting holier than thou and damming those that are unhappy that we don’t have an environmental candidate.  You can’t even tell the truth about the woman you want for President — can’t even be honest about her incredible shortcomings.  I am sick about those that praise Obama as if he gives a crap about this environment, and his own girls.  Do not blame the Republicans.  Democrats are every bit as fucked up on the important issues with few exceptions.

I am done.  I love many of you, but I cannot tolerate the bullshit neverending stupidity.  I am blocking those that espouse the craziness, unsubscribing to the fights for this all to change, etc., because the truth is, it was time for people to wake up and people are too stupid, and so there is nothing to do.  I cannot do anything, and frankly, even the bullshit petitions we sign go nowhere.  NO WHERE.  

“Don’t be so predictable,” Trungpa Rinpoche, from the lojong.

I have 30 years on this planet if I am lucky, and am letting go of what humans will leave their grandchildren.  I have none, and thought that was unfortunate but now I am glad, because I won’t wonder what will happen to them when the oceans die, the bees die, and the birds die.  Hell will be right here, and so, now I simply hope I don’t have to see it.  I am coming to the whats-so of what is coming, and will enjoy what I can, and move away from the continual stream of stupidness that is so.  If I vote, it will only be for environmental issues, if there are any on the ballot.

I will paint, I will love my loved ones, I will look at the beauty of art, watch the moon, feel the rain, and I might paint more.

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10 Responses to Politics and our Planet

  1. Surprisingly, the situation in India is no different. There are corrupt politicians and there are more corrupt politicians disguised as honest ones. It’s like choosing between a devil and the deep blue sea. You cannot go around telling people to choose an honest candidate when deep inside they are equally corrupted. People get the government they deserve, not the ones they choose. If they deserve hell, they’ll choose it anyway, you cannot stop it. If they deserve heaven, things will change. As individuals, we need to do what best we can do for the world and nation. We are all here to play our role. Some are here to create, some to maintain and some to destroy. An all good and happy world is a fairytale.

  2. loisajay says:

    Speak it, Kate. Well said.

  3. bikerchick57 says:

    Katie, I am on the verge of not voting at all for a President this year. I can’t believe it’s come to this for our choices. Unfortunately, nothing is going to change about our political system in the US anytime soon. The fact that Donald Trump will get even one vote says a lot about the condition of the human race in this country and that scares me to no end.

    You keep on loving the planet, Katie. I think all we can do is be advocates and examples for what we believe is good and moral and ethical…and hope that it catches fire.

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