Mindfulness by Happify

Yes, a cartoon.  I haven’t had my coffee yet and this was sent to me.

Surprisingly, it is pretty good.  The idea that by learning to track your mind’s yakking — (which they don’t say this but this is what really happens when you put your behind on the zafu and try to be quiet and still — your mind goes CRAZY — and then you spend years giving it a go each day, making a bit of headway, hoping for a bit of blessed silence and in the process your become very friendly with the yakking that your mind throws up (and sometimes vomits up is a better analogy) constantly.

Mind you, this can be disconcerting.  Meditation should come with a warning that it will be awhile before you begin to find any kind of still, quiet center, unless you happen to be a kind of master-at-birth.

When I drive, I am at my worst in my mind, so this little cartoon was particularly to the point.

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10 Responses to Mindfulness by Happify

  1. Loving the animation and the anger angle – thing I love about these being mindful thingies is that they give me Choice and Power! Yup they really do!

  2. Love the way mindfulness is presented here. I’m going to keep breathing and observing. Thanks!

  3. rebecca says:

    That was nice to watch….and learn something. I have tried to quiet the mind….and it is hard!

  4. macjam47 says:

    Love the little cartoon. I think we all can identify with it in any number of circumstances, not just driving.

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