Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Mind

socs-badge copyThis post is for “Stream of Consciousness Saturday.”
Basically this is a timed writing, no editing (spelling only.)

You can click here for rules and to see if you want to play along!
Thank You Dan Antion!


Monkey mind.  Always comes to mind (pun intended) that yah-yah-yahing
that seems to never stop but is running in the background, constantly. . .

Okay, nowadays I CAN get it to stop, momentarily, for brief moments.
Maybe I take its breath away — by working on the breath, breathing breathing,
slowly in and out.  Maybe I simply bore it to sleep.

I catch my mind when it is wandering into negative territory.
Sometimes I listen, but more times I thank it for sharing and move on.
Sometimes I put music on if it is a bad day of yammering — music soothes the monkey!
Breathing in, taking on the negativity, breathing out, sending sunflowers.


When it is not quiet lately it is yammering about losses.
Fear and losses.
It may be because we have experienced a lot of them and then there was the scare of what was happening with my own body and the fears of losses for both Mitchell and I in that.  Jai is not doing well, beloved Jai-cat, annoying Jai-cat, constant companion and like in any relationship that is close there are highs and lows.  But now there is very old age.
I don’t want to lose him.
I worry that he sometimes is in terrible discomfort.  Getting rid of the stupid cat foods with carrageenan helped but still he has the runs sometimes.  Now he has a cold.
Getting old sucks.  Watching the one you love get old and head toward death sucks more.  So lat night as he slept between us I sat and watched him, breathing peacefully, in and out. . . . in and out . . . until my own breath and his matched and I fell back asleep, holding him.


Mind.  Being mind-full.  I read that Goldie Hawn, who I love to watch onscreen, has left making movies for all these years because she started a foundation that is teaching grade-schoolers a mindful practice.  It has reduced suicide, violence in the playground, and attendance has soared.  10 minutes a day.  I love that she has done this, and she says it is the best work she has ever done and she misses movie-making not one bit.
The world could use mindful now.
In a given day I see everyone’s minds yah-yah-yahing out loud all over everyone else with
no check in place, and they are making it much harder on both themselves and the people around them.  MOST religions have a mindful practice of some sort, a meditation.
But that is not the part MOST religions teach.  They teach “my” god not “your” god.  Mindful would help that part too, because mine and yours doesn’t really matter.

Mind.  It all comes back to mind anyway so as the clock is ticking (in so many ways)
I think I will commit to this “Stream of Consciousness Saturday” timed writing.
Raw, unedited, whatever is up.  It may help me to get back into my writing practice.

Have a good one.  15 minutes are up!


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10 Responses to Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Mind

  1. Dan Antion says:

    Nicely done Kate. I don’t pay attention to the clock, but I don’t edit. It’s just what flows. I don’t do it every week, but I try to do SoCS often.

  2. You followed the stream of consciousness and I like the monkey mind example and breathing with you and your cat.

  3. herheadache says:

    I think stream of consciousness writing is a wonderful thing for the mind and that’s why this week’s SoCS prompt word suits it so well.

  4. LindaGHill says:

    So sorry it took me a whole week to get here. I love your post! I find practicing mindfulness is essential when I’m particularly stressed or tired. Staying in the moment takes practice, but it’s such a wonderful thing! Thanks so much for participating in SoCS! 😀

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