Are We All Selectively Pro-Life People?

A compassion way to look at your own shortcomings, how you make the decisions, where you may fail. By my favorite Christian writer.

john pavlovitz



At times we all find ourselves compelled to vigorously defend it, while at other times showing complete and willful ambivalence toward it. There is for each of us, an alarm that goes off in our hearts during those occasions when we feel urgency about protecting the living or passion about grieving the dead—but we’re also fairly inconsistent in our burdens.

Lately I’ve come to believe that we are all pro-life, only selectively so.

Some people expend their energies fighting for the dignity of the unborn in the womb, viewing them as inherently God-designed, yet they will show complete disdain for that life if it later manifests itself as a gay teenager whose simple existence they now see as a sinful abomination. The “sanctity of life” then seems far less a concern.

Others will find their hearts terribly ravaged by the shooting death of a single lion in Africa and driven to craft moving social media eulogies, yet be relatively unmoved by a…

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