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Lojong Posting Postponed

So sorry to postpone again — but it is for a good reason.  Jobs coming in, bids and estimates must be completed.  I’ll be back in two weeks after I make the deadlines and sleeeeeeep! Garuda for my husband to … Continue reading

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The Death You Die When They Do (Another Lesson In The Grief Valley)

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At one time or another you’ve probably heard someone say, that when a person you love dies, a part of you dies too. I used to think that was just a beautiful figure of speech, a…

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Lojong Practice

So sorry about the missed dates; Work and estimates are taking ALL my time — That’s not a bad thing, because $$ buy art supplies and time off! (you can see where my priorities are.) It does mean that blog … Continue reading

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Want to be happy? Slow down

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In 1972, Matthieu Ricard had a promising career in biochemistry, trying to figure out the secrets of E. coli bacteria. A chance encounter with Buddhism led to an about turn, and Ricard has spent the past 40+ years…

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