Lojong Practice 22: The Paramita of Exertion

I am using Weeping Buddha and the lojong sayings and commentary from Training the Mind and Cultivating Loving-Kindness by Chogyam Trungpa as a study, together.
I’ve been practicing
tonglen for almost three decades, and it is my main practice.
This is the twenty-second weekly installment.  To start at the beginning go here.

W15 21 LOJONG 2When I began meditating and then later, doing tonglen, it was a monumental feat to get me to the zafu.  Somewhere along the line, especially when I began studying the lojong, I began to feel joy in in what I was doing.  Like creating art or reaching for my knitting or cuddling loved ones, I looked forward to the time I explored the various slogans and enjoyed the breathwork and mind-full practice, until it became part of my beingness.

You need to exert yourself in the beginning to get over lazy.
“Lazy is a general lack of mindfulness and lack of joy in discipline.”  (Trungpa)
Once you begin to quicken into the joy of the practice, or the appreciation,
if not joy, of feeling compassion, of sending and receiving,
then you have arrived at a place
where you will need little exertion to move forward into practice.

Practice will be part of who you are.

You and practice become one.

Some have asked me about my ongoing studies of Weeping Buddha.  What is now called “Weeping Buddha” felt to me as a humbled figure long before I heard it called that.  I called him “Buddha Ball’ for years, and regret his common name — but for this figure to be found I comply.  I would rather not name him and let you feel his emotion for yourself.
They are all drawn in an OE or OKINA NOTEBOOKS (my favorite journals, also known as Cadic), and this one was drawn with a large graphic pencil.


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