Deep Collective Sadness (published first on LunarMoondae)

I sat with this a Moonth before writing.
I have just begun to talk to Mitchell about two waves of sadness I feel in recent years.
One is personal, and is more familiar,
usually linked to an event that is understandable —
death of my brother, losses of real importance as we get older
(these things are happening more frequently, odds are).
They are also less disturbing, or more “normal” and
I can find comfort in the arms of my husband or holding the cats . . .
Crying, too, comes easier.

However, I am aware of a newer sadness that is born of feeling
the collective dysfunction in its various forms.
Insane political moves (from both parties) that impact citizens,
A lack of learning from past mistakes combined with an insidious greed.
Global harming of our creatures, the crazed destruction of our earth —
which we see daily in Oregon in our forests, rivers, and oceans —
cause waves of emotional sadness that run underneath all of us.
There is a numbness in people, the walking dead,
as they are immune to the horrors, the meanness.
For unconscious people, even those in blessed good situations,
they are turning to drugs/alcohol/shopping and
endless television to combat the terrible sadness.
Hence a mountain of prescriptive drugs to “make you sane”, more than ever before.

For those of us who may have a wee bit more consciousness,
I think we feel it and reflect on why we are feeling this.
I have to center, center, center and then, thankfully, Mitchell and I can share this.
Sharing the feeling helps the isolation, because around us people seem immune.
I find ways to stand with one foot in the consciousness of it all,
and make efforts to right the ship if there are any to be made.
Prayer, art made with intention, being kind to those who are angry,
sending compassion, practicing the lojong, and occasionally signing petitions,
though it often feels like a drop in the ocean.
I personally turn to comedy or British mysteries to
distract when I need to, often before bed!

If I had time to paint now I would be painting big crows.




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hollywood baby turned beach gurl turned steel&glass city gurl turned cowgurl turned herb gurl turned green city gurl. . . artist writer photographer. . . cat lover but misses our big dogs, gone to heaven. . . buddhist and interested in the study of spiritual traditions. . . foodie, organic, lover of all things mik, partner in conservation business mpfconservation, consummate blogger, making a dream happen, insomniac who is either reading buddhist teachings or not-so-bloody mysteries or autobio journal thangs early in the morning when i can't sleep
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5 Responses to Deep Collective Sadness (published first on LunarMoondae)

  1. Lainey says:

    Every word a familiar punch these days…I argue with myself – is it because I’m getting older or because the world is getting worse? Hugs x

  2. This resonates so deeply with me. Especially since you mention crow. Thank you.

  3. susanissima says:

    Yes, well said, Katie, especially your last bit where you speak of personal actions. Seems more important than ever, now, to look for and radiate the light, the spirit of goodness, of love and gratitude in every possibly way, each day. Certainly, you continue to do that with your art and writing, you unceasing honesty and sharing of your love with others. Thank you for your energy. ❤

  4. Sammy D. says:

    Dear Katie – there is much to grieve when we see the plight of people suffering and nature’s disasters – natural or otherwise – around us. But there is also much to celebrate; as you say, we must make the effort to do so. Cycles – of our feelings; of history repeating itself; of solutions and resolutions and promises. This might be a time when we have to work harder to find what is worthy, but it is there for the discovery.

Love to hear from you....

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