The Circles, from a Crone’s Point of View

W14 7 13 One Day Full Moon CircleThe Crones walked down the path to the clearing, and kicked off their shoes, which they left in a pile by the end of the trail.  They gathered amidst the tall redwoods, and lit a small fire, just large enough for their faces to be illuminated in circle.   They chatted and introduced newcomers to the group.  They were so beautiful, like a herd of wild horses, hair like palominos and arabians.    One guffawed loudly, remarking how firelight dissolved wrinkles!

They met to discuss how to save the world from the Crazy tribes.  First they defined the crazy tribes.  There were Patriarchal Controlling tribes, and Savior tribes, and End-of-the-World tribes.  There were Anti-Feminine tribes.

Most insidious, however, were the False Healing tribes that gave lip service to the Great Feminine but did not know how to embrace the Whole.  These tribes spoke of love and light and healing, but no men were allowed. Any woman who did not fall in line to their rules was also excluded.  So fearful were they of the men, that they could not embrace their masculine, and became like the Patriarchal Controlling tribes, seeing only one side.  Baby boys could come into their circles, but at puberty these boys were asked to leave.  Like a girl who is excluded from being all that she could be, the boys were unable to become suitable vessels for the False Healing groups.  Many Crones were dealing with the anger and hostility from those boys who were thrown out when they hit puberty.

The Crones had a different vision.  Many had their own men, who loved the Feminine and Great Goddess, and knew the men had to be healed, not excluded, in order that the world could again be whole.   Masculine and feminine had to dance around the same fires to balance the world.  Yin and Yang.

Even many lesbians saw that men were not the problem, and that many of their sisters still thought that it was, so highly charged was the subject.  Somehow, they enjoyed men, but just did not choose to sleep with them, and so men should be part of their circle for the healing to happen.  They wanted to support their own boy children to become whole too.

They came to list the changes to be made in how they conducted their circles.

While it was true that there were times for segregated circles, women with women, men with men, children with children, the majority of the circles would now be led with women and children and men present, families and single people, gays and lesbians, young and old.  They no longer believed that in the separation of the sexes was the salvation of the planet.

Non-denominational.  Goddess, Vedic, Buddhist, Wiccan, Native American, Atheist, Naturalist, all were welcome.  Sharing the Feminine, the Shekinah, Tara, Durgha, Guadalupe, Venus, Brigid.  Honoring the masculine in balance.

They also decided that to be a crone, it was imperative that you owned your shadow.  Know thyself.  Withdraw the projection.  Stop pointing fingers.  As a group, they knew that women had to own the shadow of the feminine, the Devouring Mother, the False Nurturer, the Bully, the Bitch, and the Sleepy Warrior (yawn, so tired. . . .)  They looked at each other and said, “I know those shadows.”

And so the Crone Circle was born.  Once a Moonth they met in segregated groups, at the dark of the moon, to dream like in days of old, separate.  At the Quarter and Full Moons, they came together, women and children and men, families and single people, gays and lesbians, young and old, to solve the problems of the World with the power of the Whole.

2014 7 13 One Day Full Moon Circle 300dpi copy


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6 Responses to The Circles, from a Crone’s Point of View

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  2. Sammy D. says:

    Very uplifting, Katie. I appreciate that your circle includes and honors men. I know as many decent men as I do women, who contribute equally in homes and raising children and make our world better. Until we stop stereotyping “others” -whether they be a different sex, race, sexual, political orientation or whatever – as villains, we can’t begin to come together in these circles. Each of us needs to find ways to bridge those divides instead of making them wider.

    • Yes. I finally decided to let go of groups that discriminate in the name of healing — unless they have a specific purpose, as in rape survivors or battered women, all obviously necessary, or if in a larger series of gatherings an occasional meeting is had that is divided by sex, such as the Jewish tradition. I didn’t want my energy going toward unnecessary divisions in the name of unity.

      • Sammy D. says:

        If we all chose to follow that change in what we tolerate, or stop demonizing, even a little bit, we might start moving a little closer to working together. If you keep conveying this message, and others like me do as well, perhaps we can hope.

  3. susanissima says:

    “They also decided that to be a crone, it was imperative that you owned your shadow. Know thyself. Withdraw the projection. Stop pointing fingers.” AMEN! A wise and wonderful post, Crone Sis. ❤

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