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Lojong Sketchbook 1: My Practice

I am using Weeping Buddha and the lojong sayings and commentary from Training the Mind and Cultivating Loving-Kindness by Chogyam Trungpa as a study, together. I’ve been practicing tonglen for over two decades, and it is my main practice. This … Continue reading

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Laci Green on Feminism

50 plus reasons to be a feminist.  Myths debunked.  And she is funny; not Sarah Silverman funny, but funny. I am a feminist. Because my mother had to work two jobs because she was not allowed to take the hours … Continue reading

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Deep Collective Sadness (published first on LunarMoondae)

I sat with this a Moonth before writing. I have just begun to talk to Mitchell about two waves of sadness I feel in recent years. One is personal, and is more familiar, usually linked to an event that is … Continue reading

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“I Can’t Afford It”

“I can’t afford it,” is a phrase that has come to mean something different than the words strung together actually mean. “afford |əˈfôrd|  verb [ with obj. ]  * 1 (CAN/could afford) have enough money to pay for: the best … Continue reading

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The Circles, from a Crone’s Point of View

The Crones walked down the path to the clearing, and kicked off their shoes, which they left in a pile by the end of the trail.  They gathered amidst the tall redwoods, and lit a small fire, just large enough … Continue reading

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l Loves Me a Cowboy

Originally posted on Deidra Alexander's Blog:
The airplane was so tiny, it could be called a sardine can. my fourteen inch wide carry-on was banging against the seats as I dragged it behind me. I had become intimate with…

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I Was a Dog Growing Up

I kid you not.  Tracey Fletcher King’s recent blogpost reminded me of this. I decided at 5 or 6 I wanted to grow up to be a dog.  I walked around the house on all fours like our dog Cindy, … Continue reading

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