V is for Very What?: A-to-Z Challenge

A friend sent me a site with some Very Unusual Barbie jewelry by Margaux Lange.   I was, at first, a bit shocked.  After all, carving up Barbie?  I don’t care what anyone says who wants to be PC these days, I LOVED my Barbie, and maybe she screwed me up but there were simply so many things that might have made me crazy to be shaped like her that I can’t blame the poor doll.

It looks like an ancient Egyptian design!

It looks like an ancient Egyptian design!

I looked at every single piece of jewelry on Lange’s website, then headed for her Etsy Shop.  I began to love this jewelry, and wondered if I could afford any . . . .  But most are Very Expensive — and I applaud her for every dime she collects because she is Very Ingenious and they are Very Well Executed.  I believe she was channeling Cleopatra with her Winged Armed Necklace, above.

I want this: "If the Show Fits"

I want this: “If the Shoe Fits!”

I had to give up my high heels in my thirties due to back problems, and they had to pry them from my hands.  I loved them, and she has a tribute for all of us who love high heels, which are Very Sexy.

I love the Kiss, which she made in various shades, which I think is Very Cool.

I loved the busted heart, because really, I’ve always thought women’s breasts looked a bit like hearts, and now I can see that clearly, and they are Very Beautiful Hearts.  She also decorated Barbie’s boobs with little silver dots, and I also decorated many of my naked breasts similarly in images, so she is Very Smart and Very Creative.  Her jewelry invokes the overall feeling that was Barbie.

Then, some of it is Very Creepy, like the one with all those smiles.  Reminds me of clowns, which I just don’t like. . .  A strong statement, and a piece of art!

Smiley Neckpiece

Smiley Neckpiece


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10 Responses to V is for Very What?: A-to-Z Challenge

  1. susanissima says:

    Hiya, Katie. I love Lange’s stuff! Especially since it’s so Barbiesque. My daughter used to decapitate and amputate her many gift Barbies and, turns out, it was good practice for her life as a surgeon…thought a bit messy. Anyhow, cool jewelry!

  2. Sammy D. says:

    Phenominal!!! D-in-law & Raqi will love these!

  3. Marci says:

    Wow – these are VERY cool! I love the boob necklaces – very creative! 😀

  4. WOW..some of this is just not right…lol This post is very informative as I never heard of jewelry made out of Barbie parts before. Great post, loved the way you wrote it.

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