L is for Liar’s Moon: A-to-Z-Challenge

An artist I know slightly painted a lovely misty moon, and called it a Liar’s Moon.  Intrigued (I am loony for all things lunar),  I went online searching.  Google was a one note Charlie, so I found mostly the movie, Liar’s Moon.  Having not seen it, and finding no where to rent it, I moved on.

Checking astrology + Liar’s Moon, according to Raven Kaldera in his/her book, Moon Phase Astrology: The Lunar Key to Your Destiny, the waxing quarter moon in Gemini is called a Liar’s Moon.  It is the moon of the evil twins, and they begin to experiment with telling tall tales which grows until they are all whoppers.  They can’t stop themselves from lying.  If you are born under a Liar’s Moon, you will have a propensity for lying which should be channeled into storytelling, implying you can’t be stopped!

I’m a good researcher, and so, found one quote:

“A lover’s moon soars clear and bright, guiding true love throught night.
But a liar’s moon lurks misty and gray, scheming to drive true love away.”

Unfortunately, the woman using the quote on her blog did not know where it came from, and when I ran parts through Google, it indicated that this may have been a quote from the movie, though this is not definitive.

I prefer the one other reference I read, which was also on a blog.  I’m a blogger, and so hate to diss bloggers, but one never knows where we get our information.  We could be born under a Liar’s Moon, after all, telling tall tales.  But here it is:  Italian folklore says that a full moon in a clear sky is a Lover’s Moon and a full moon in a cloudy sky is a Liar’s Moon.  This jives with the quote, and was the subject for the artist’s painting.


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6 Responses to L is for Liar’s Moon: A-to-Z-Challenge

  1. Sukanya Ramanujan says:

    I’d never even heard of a liar’s moon before

  2. I’m a Gemini. I don’t know if I want to know if I was born under a Liar’s moon….lol.

  3. Sammy D. says:

    I, too, love all things lunar and had not heard of Liar’s Moon. Granddaughter is Gemini – definitely a story-teller, but she has no penchant for lying, thank goodness !!

  4. susanissima says:

    Well, does that mean that we have a lot of liars in the Pacific Northwest? We sure do have a lot of full moons on cloudy nights!

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