K is for Kate: A-to-Z Challenge

me at mimi and pa'sI apologize in advance if I offend anyone about their name.

I was born Debra Catherine.  My brothers named me; my mom wanted Dion, which was neva-gonna happen.  I liked my name for the most part, and have been called, Deb, Debbie, and Debra.  In college there was a freshman with the same name, and the administration switched our scholarships — I switched them back, because I was getting more money!

Debbie was a bit of a plague, not just because of Debbie Does Dallas, a porn movie released, I assume when I was in high school.  There were ten of them in my high school class, so for awhile I was called Becky.  ARGH.  It also had the connotation of a dumb beach blonde.  I have NO idea why.  When I went to college I switched exclusively to Debra.  I corrected those that called me Debbie.  I was leaving that name behind.

Some part of me knew I was another name.   I tried on Catherine, and felt it was too Queenly.  I always hated Cathy, because I had known two horrid mean girls named Cathy!

Kate had good vibes.  There was Kate Hepburn, which cinched the deal.  Kate was a strong name, a no-nonsense name, the name of someone who was surprising and even funny.

On my 50th birthday I changed my name legally.  BTW, post 9-11 that is near impossible.  Homeland security would not let me drop Debra altogether.  Oh, don’t get me started. . .  another post!


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10 Responses to K is for Kate: A-to-Z Challenge

  1. Sammy D. says:

    Great story about the tribulations of your name. I hate mine – Joan – but knew I’d get no traction to change it in my inflexible family. Hence I thrive on my alter egos, of which I have many. A couple people call me Joanie, and it sounds ok for those few, but not a name I like much better than Joan. I mostly love Sammy, my blogging moniker.

    From now on I’ll call you Kate instead of Katie 🙂 Now I have two friends named Kate – both strong females and uniquely themselves.

  2. cjswriting says:

    I like Kate. Great name. 🙂

    I had a similar back and forth with my name, which is Christina, and tried Christy as as young girl but there were tons of Christy’s at the time. So after ruling out a variety of other choices, I decided in my initials, CJ. I think we find what is right for us.

    Have a great A to Z month 🙂

  3. Hi Kate, I’m visiting in the A to Z, have enjoyed reading some of your posts and look forward to reading more! Interesting how different names speak to us in different ways. As if they are really personalities.

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