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Z is for Zen: A-to-Z Challenge

I started my A-to-Z Challenge with Alcoholism, so it is fitting I end it with Zen.  Without my formal sit practice in my twenties I don’t know if I would have come to my ahahs regarding alcoholism before I sank … Continue reading

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Y is for YabYum: A-to-Z Challenge

Yab-Yum is a symbol of the tantric union of male and female in Tibetan Buddhism, and literally means “mother-father.” The representations, contrary to popular belief, and also in opposition to the many non-Buddhist workshops that abound, are not primarily sexual … Continue reading

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X is for Xenophile: A-to-Z Challenge

I had to pick an X, and none of them thrilled me.  My final choices were X-Acto (I could tell you of roommates who lost fingers making models at USC School of Architecture) or xoanon, which is a primitive wooden … Continue reading

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W is for Wishes: A-to-Z Challenge

This is the magical wishing flower.  My lawns are always full of wishing flowers, because I love wishes.   Most people pull their wishes and toss them in the garbage.  You can’t tell your wishes or they won’t come true.  You … Continue reading

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V is for Very What?: A-to-Z Challenge

A friend sent me a site with some Very Unusual Barbie jewelry by Margaux Lange.   I was, at first, a bit shocked.  After all, carving up Barbie?  I don’t care what anyone says who wants to be PC these days, … Continue reading

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U is for Used Books: A-to-Z Challenge

I am a bookaholic, though I don’t have book hallways and they are not going to fall over and smother me.  I just enjoy having a library, reading, researching, and sharing books.  I love the feel of a book in … Continue reading

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T is for Turkey: A-to-Z Challenge

This time of year Ralph + Cheryl have so many chicken, duck and turkey eggs!   The big Tom Gobbler above is hiding his girlfriend, who is the egg-layer, below.  These guys are a bit aggressive, so you have to watch … Continue reading

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