More Unfortunate Mac Problems

This is a continuation on the sadness I have over what has happened to my Mac, which I wrote about here, after upgrading to Maverick.  (Takeaway, do not upgrade systems and do not trust tech folks from Apple.)

Anyone having trouble with foul language should not read my rants on what Apple has done to my Mac.  And this is after I cleaned it up.  The English language has these words for a reason, and this is one of them.

Understand, I use my computer to run our business, and to help my memory, and for recreation (listening to books on tape while working on projects.)

Also, understand that I am VERY busy, running our small business and object to the idea that programmers assume we have nothing better to do than to take classes and sit online surfing to understand where they hid or why they renamed a simple function that we all use every day.  Note this is not about learning a new function.  I don’t object to THAT.  I object to silly twists that have nothing to do with innovation and everything to do with annoying geeks.


I dropped Safari altogether. Moved to Firefox. I can’t take it anymore. It’s all about sharing everything you look at on pinterest and facebook and tweet (waste of time for most of us to read and post), and not about saving my bookmarks easily into the places I want them.  (It wasn’t a big deal because when you upgrade your operating system you lose all your comfy saved passwords.)  AGAIN, they have changed the exact buttons at the top to have them do things I don’t want at all. I try bookmark a page and it saves it to reader.  I don’t give a ratz ass about reader.  Yes, I went to preferences to see if it was an easy fix, then said, “WTF?”  I made my life easy.  I use Mozilla.

I was able to go back to page 4.3 or whatever, FINALLY, and so for the time being will not learn Adobe.  When I move to my next computer I will learn it.

Calendar is USELESS to me now, and so I am buying a small paper calendar for my desk and purse.  Calendar was such agreat boon to our work and personal life, organizing and recording.  It used to pop up a window which stayed open until you closed it, so you DIDN’T MISS THE REMINDER, and also, if you wanted to change the reminder to 15 minutes before to make a loud noise.  Now it comes up a ghostly quick banner — part of the new messaging system that records your every movement — and then disappears unless you want the banner on the side 24/7.  I actually USE my entire screen, and often work in two programs at once.  I don’t want to see that I listened to mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris “This is Us” two days ago.  I don’t need to know the weather update — I installed the program so I could check it not monitor it 24/7.  I don’t want to know what is going on at Facebook all day, or when I get an email.  DISTRACTIONS.  So it is a useless thing that I am replacing.

The entire assumption of the ignorant geeks who tweaked this system is that we are all sitting staring at our puter gadgets all day, and not living our lives.  I don’t, and want Mac to serve me, not me be a slave to Mac.  I have said this for th last few years, APPLE STOP CATERING TO KIDS IN HIGH SCHOOL.  There is a wide world of adults that work, hike, paint, and live their lives who want the computer to do what it needs to in a helpful manner when we check it.

Continuing to be irritated, DAILY, by my Mac.  I know it is not as bad as the PC my husband works on a great deal (he is pounding on it now) but shit, you used to be SO MUCH BETTER.  Mac you’ve gone to the dark side.


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9 Responses to More Unfortunate Mac Problems

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  2. susanissima says:

    Oh, this is sad, indeed! Are there no Mac gurus out there who can light the way around this maze of frustration? Chanting for you to the devas of digitality!

  3. TK says:

    Let me start out by saying I am biased. After a handful of frustrating experiences with iTunes, I have vowed never to touch an Apple product again. I know their devices are nice, but their programs (like Safari, but nothing pisses me off more than iTunes) are crap. My boyfriend got an iPhone 4S when it first came out thinking it was the greatest thing on the market. He’s been asking me about how my Android stores music and files, now, because iTunes and Apple has him so frustrated.

    Sorry…. that was a mini Apple rant. I’m sorry for your computer issues. My laptop has had it’s share of problems in the first year of it’s life (which required it to be sent away for repairs twice!). I hope you can get everything resolved.

    • zenkatwrites says:

      Hi Tonya — I had such a blessed experience for so long with Mac sitting next to my husband wanting to hammer his PC, that I feel betrayed! Strong words, but then, I am on the puter hours each day for work and then blogging! I love your blog, btw!

  4. Ron Scubadiver says:

    Sorry you have had so much trouble, but I upgraded a 2010 Macbook Pro to Mavericks without any issues. It must be the luck of the draw.

  5. zenkatwrites says:

    UPDATE. I used Preview for some simple cropping of about 20 images. In the good old days, as they are known around here, if I hit save Mac would have asked me if I wanted to save them all — or I could hit save all. NOT ANYMORE. I hit save after altering them and it makes me hit save on each and every one of them. This project I have over 4,000 images. If I have to crop even 1/3 of them in any way then I have to hit save 1.333 times. I used to use iPhoto, but with the reduced capacity for thinking power I have to think about opening iPhoto or Photoshop. But Photoshop it is, because it actually works better with reduced capacity. Can you imagine a huge program like Photoshop works better on my Mac than iPhoto? APPLE, NOT HAPPY, NOT HAPPY, NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT HAPPY.

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