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Earnest Hemingway on the heart of a writer

She is a very good writer, and I enjoyed many of her posts. This one made me buy a book. Not because it was about Hemingway, but because of what fancy&frivolous (she is anything but) said about it.

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My A-toZ Reveal: Personal PR

It is hard for me to categorize my blog posts during this challenge.  I guess personal, (PR), but really, I will be writing about writing, religion, addiction, creativity, our life, memories, family, loss, friendship — anything that is in my … Continue reading

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More Unfortunate Mac Problems

This is a continuation on the sadness I have over what has happened to my Mac, which I wrote about here, after upgrading to Maverick.  (Takeaway, do not upgrade systems and do not trust tech folks from Apple.) Anyone having … Continue reading

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A Very Good Bit On Addiction from Russell Brand

I recommend reading this article from the Guardian written by Russell Brand. “Russell Brand: my life without drugs Russell Brand has not used drugs for 10 years. He has a job, a house, a cat, good friends. But temptation is … Continue reading

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Apple Has Hired PC Programmers, For Sure

A RANT, or, one highly competent user’s experience with Maverick. I am beside myself in 100 ways over my updates on my old beloved Mac Pro.  I was a PC user for 20 years and when I moved to Mac, … Continue reading

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