Four Siblings: Part of a Series

Many moons ago I was part of a year-long study group with Brugh Joy, an amazing spiritual teacher.  We were given an exercise to get to know our ancestors and family, and write about it.  I painted it.  I painted portraits of people gone, people I had never met — my paternal grandparents and dad — and, as it relates to this post, my siblings.  On the people I had never met I was to meditate to find what I knew about them, petition my dreams, and in my case, sketch.  I learned a lot about those that were dead.  When my mom saw the paintings of the people I had not met or didn’t know hardly at all, after I explained some of the symbols I used, she said I had caught them.  Possibly I heard stories unconsciously; who knows?

At the time I was only painting about a year, but I already loved painting BIG.

I like painting a series; then your paintings tell a story.  Mine tells the story of my crazy crazy family, colorful characters all, and many creatives!  I always wished that the images could have been seen altogether in a gallery or even at my home by everyone living, but that was impossible.  Most were eventually given to the family member.

Below are the four canvases I painted of my brothers and I.



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2 Responses to Four Siblings: Part of a Series

  1. susanissima says:

    These take my breath away, Katie! Using symbols for portraits so so creative and has inspired me to think about my own family (also crazy) in this way. As always, thank you for sending your wonderful work out into the world. You’re a true visionary!

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