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Beginner’s Mind

“These Women.”  This is a line from West Wing which has stuck with me in recent days.  I hear it in my head, prompting me.  If I write into it I can see why it keeps coming up, raw writing. … Continue reading

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Copyleft / Creative Commons

Recently I changed my views about copyright, largely due to the persuasive and intelligent arguments of artist Gwenn Seemel (this is only one sample!) I agree with the copyleft movement, in that I think copyright has gone to far.  It has … Continue reading

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Journal Making: Memory, Ideas, and a Soul Movie

Two things I’ve loved since I was very young; boxes (a story for another time) and journals.  I fell in love with the plain brown paper wrapper and red bindings on Chinese blank books on a trip to Chinatown; not … Continue reading

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The Most Wonderfully Wistful ‘Winnie-the-Pooh’ Quotes

He’s on my top ten list, still, as i approach 60. I often pick up Winnie or Sherlock when I am blocked. Here is a wonderful taste from a good blog.

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Four Siblings: Part of a Series

Many moons ago I was part of a year-long study group with Brugh Joy, an amazing spiritual teacher.  We were given an exercise to get to know our ancestors and family, and write about it.  I painted it.  I painted … Continue reading

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Basilica of the Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo from Sketch to Finished Piece

This post was moved to dkatiepowellart as part of my CH-CH-CHanges!         My images/blog posts can be reposted as long there is a link back to zenkatwrites. Basilica of the Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo, Carmel, California, view of the main frontage … Continue reading

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Honu Book-Card, a Soul Food Lesson

I am working through the classes on Soul Food, and enjoying them.  A fellow participant from Vienna commented that the classes were loosening her up from University, allowing her creativity to flow.  It is certainly doing that for me.   As … Continue reading

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