Buddha Said . . .

“A dog is not considered a good dog
because he is a good barker.
A man is not considered a good man
because he is a good talker.” ~Buddha, NOT


I am thinking of designing a line of cards with sayings, many of them by the buddha or buddhist teachers (ancient, not recent, for the most part.)  This led me on a path, because I started the “easy way,” meaning I googled buddha’s quotes.  As I read some of them, I said to myself (a long time buddhist), “WTF???”  Everything in my body-mind reacted to some of these quotes, even to most of them.  On some of these they were backed by the books they came from — goodreads does a lot of this, as they inadvertently sell books and are backed by publishers — and when I looked at where they came from it was clear the person was paraphrasing.  But most just said it was so.

“Happiness is not having a lot. Happiness is giving a lot.”
~Buddha, NOT

This led to a great site dedicated to Fake Buddha Quotes.  I like the blog because Bodhipaksa is not heavily judgmental about the non-buddha quotes:

“Another question: does this matter? Some people get very upset over this question. If their favorite Buddha Quote — about kittens and puppies, perhaps — is pointed out as not being traceable to the Buddha and perhaps attributable to some contemporary or historical writer, they tend to get annoyed. It’s as if you’re invalidating the inherent goodness of kittens and puppies. But that’s not my point here. Pointing out that something was not said by the Buddha doesn’t invalidate the quote. It just removes false attribution. Kittens and puppies are fine, but let’s be clear about the attribution of our quotes, where we can.”  From his “about” page, which is worth the read.

Also, he has a page of REAL Buddha Quotes:

Let none find fault with others;
let none see the omissions and commissions of others.
But let one see one’s own acts, done and undone. ~ Buddha.

For me, I think the easy path is not going to work.  I will go back to my highlighted texts and find my own meaningful pithy phrases to make this project fly.


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