What if? by Mary J. Melange

Such a good post that is in line with all that this site is about:

What if?

I see the smiles of familiar faces on Sunday morning, I feel their hugs and I ask…

00-whatifWhy do we wait for an hour on Sunday to show kindness and love?

What if we hugged our neighbors and strangers and those in pain instead of pushing them away?

What if we said a cheery “hello” to everyone we met instead of a passing nod and mumbled “harumpfff?”

What if we live to serve others rather than serving our own vested interests?

What if we always smiled at everyone who crossed our path?

What if we followed our faith as it was meant to be instead of how we want to mold it to our ideals?

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From one of my favorite blogs, reflection on change and Hurricane Matthew

hurrican-matthew-2016-173-nefChanges/Hurricane Matthew

From a blog called Tropical Affair, beautiful and awed reflection on Change

If I have learned one thing in my 57 years of life on this lovely spinning rock, it is that there is one thing that is steadfastly inevitable.  We cannot ignore, stop or alter the stark reality of change.

It is all around, within and without, in your face and in faraway lands.  No amount of clinging, wailing, ignoring or holding one’s breath will delay its callous, unsympathetic influence.

Change can be exciting, terrifying, exhilarating, devastating, slow, fast, constant or intermittent; and we cannot predict when it may arrive although we can instigate its movement when we wish.  It is uncontrollable and yet malleable at the same time.

I have fought change for more wasted moments of my life, the crabby Cancer that I am, wanting to cling to the warm, comfy familiar.  I attribute the massive and sudden changes that have occurred repeatedly in my world to that very stubborn way of feeling and thinking.  If I came here for nothing else, it was to learn about life, to experience all that I can; and how is that possible if I burrow into a quiet hole and never venture out?

Sadly, there are many changes that should be made as well but aren’t; and we, as a race of human beings…. Continue reading here!

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Politics: Stream of Consciousness Saturday

socsbadge2016-17The  Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “coin.”
Write, no editing (okay I am dyslexic and do spellcheck).

I’ve been thinking about choices we make, how they impact us, how our minds can direct our attention.  No, I am looking at the choices I make, how my choices impact me and those around me, and how my mind moves toward various shiny objects.  Okay, both.

Politics is the great divider this season. I’ve lost friends over it,
and hope not to engage any discussion with relatives for fear of a long standoff.

I’ve stopped taking feeds from those I love or am friends with because I simply didn’t want to engage the beast of political nuttiness, which relies heavily on fear and hatred.

w15-1-1-ajw-fav-book-3-copyThe lojong says, “Don’t be so predictable.”   I hear Trungpa’s words all the time as I listen to the repetitive talking points from “my” party — no longer mine, as I am now wandering in unaffiliated territories — regurgitated, the fear behind the words.  I think the fears talked about draw us away from the real threats.  I believe the real threats are the death of the ocean, our mother, and massive pesticide pollution which brings with it a host of terrors to all life forms.  I believe the real threats are wars-for-profit, which breed hatred.

This is different than when I was in my twenties and was uninformed.  I am informed up to my eyeballs and feel as if there is not a damn thing I can do, seriously.  Like watching a slow moving Mack truck heading toward all that is precious to me.  And unlike most people, I believe we are out of time, and things must change NOW, not in 2020 or 2030.  There is nothing logical about the choices we are being offered, there is much corrupt,
we are being asked to choose between, for me, two sides of a very similar coin for President, with one being a bit spit-shined, but neither has any spending power toward that which I find critical to the health and well-being of our planet.  The nuttiness comes when I try to discuss the truth of the horror I see laying ahead, what is really happening here, versus the talking points most Americans are fed on a 24/7 news cycle.

w16-3-8-rich-german-whale-001I need my sanity.  When there is nothing you can do (and I am doing all I can) then I must back away and simply enjoy my life as best I can, make moves toward a health planet when I can (though there are times I rally wonder about how effective it is for the life of our planet for me to buy organic, as i sit here watching city workman spray some sort of poison on the streets outside.  It may prolong my life, and of course, intention is everything in the biggest karmic picture in all religions.   Love my loved ones, practice compassion when confronted by hatred, paint, cook, pray.  My prayer is that the world, especially Americans (who are behind other countries in grokking the planet’s pollutions), wake up.


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Politics and our Planet


I wrote this for my Facebook friends, but am also posting it here.

I love the life on this planet more than I love the humans, by far.  I am saying this final statement about why I vote and what I vote for, then it is over for me.  You can skim past this, disagree, whatever, but I feel this truth in my bones.

We are at a critical point in our ability to change the deadly course we are on with the planet, or not.  I think many people somehow think we will pull a rabbit out of a hat, but the problem is, that in the USA, I don’t see the political will to stop the polluting course we are on.  (I am not addressing other countries as I cannot vote nor change their minds — and frankly, it doesn’t matter because we are bigger and more screwed than most.)  I know a good deal about the oceans, geology, chemistry, biology and physics and see that we are screwed, and unfortunately are not only going to kill our grandchildren (and that isn’t enough to wake people up), but probably take most of the life on the planet with us.  And I love the life on this planet more than I love the humans, by far.  I am truly PRO-LIFE in the biggest sense of the word, not some sniggling stupid abortion-or-not sense of the word.  PRO-ALL-OF-LIFE.


It is a good idea to understand the difference between graphs where the line is steadily but gently rising, and exponential graphs which take us skyrocketing in a short time.  We’ve been polluting and occasionally cleaning up the planet for a long time, but the graph of destruction was a gentle hill.  Now it is a skyrocketing climb.  We don’t have 8 more years to change course.  We don’t have time to listen to CNN et all yammer on and manipulate us into feeling good or bad, feeling fear or hopeful.  At some point people have to wake up, and I don’t see that happening and so…

I have had it up to HERE *imagine hand on eyeballs* with the yammering about Clinton versus Trump.  The truth is, that at this juncture, we should be voting for the environmental president.  It won’t matter about human rights or law if we can’t drink the water, swim in the ocean, catch a couple fish, breathe the air, or have bees and other winged creatures doing the many many things that all of life does.  We have a symbiotic planet, and life gets along and supports each other, BUT WE DON’T.  We have screwed up, and our greed, righteousness and self-centeredness is not only going to kill us, but kill most everything else, which is the real tragedy.  I am grieving: whales (heart aches), manatee, seals, coral reefs, a million tropical fish, bees (my namesake), butterflies, herons (I watched them two days ago fishing in a polluted glyphosate river), redwoods (I am crying now), scrub oaks, California poppies, sweet-peas, sunflowers, and a billion other forms of life.  I am crying for the babies being born who will die, and if not, will not know how unbelievably beautiful our planet was.  

Most people don’t care.  They ignorantly hope for some miracle, but won’t be the miracle.  

Clinton versus Trump, Democrat versus Republican, they are the same when it comes to the real issue at hand, because this is a sine qua non — without this, nothing.  Without clean water, clean air, we are dead, and so, the bullshit that most banter on about means NOTHING.  Both candidates support Monsanto (and all polluting entities) and will not reign them in.  They both support fracking, and the dumping of pollution.  They both think it is just grand, like Obama, to go for deep-sea drilling.  They both support war-for-profit in the guise of *danger-danger*, that never ending bullshit that they keep you all hooked into through the terrorism they themselves have procreated.  God we are a stupid species.

I am sick to death of Clinton supporters acting holier than thou and damming those that are unhappy that we don’t have an environmental candidate.  You can’t even tell the truth about the woman you want for President — can’t even be honest about her incredible shortcomings.  I am sick about those that praise Obama as if he gives a crap about this environment, and his own girls.  Do not blame the Republicans.  Democrats are every bit as fucked up on the important issues with few exceptions.

I am done.  I love many of you, but I cannot tolerate the bullshit neverending stupidity.  I am blocking those that espouse the craziness, unsubscribing to the fights for this all to change, etc., because the truth is, it was time for people to wake up and people are too stupid, and so there is nothing to do.  I cannot do anything, and frankly, even the bullshit petitions we sign go nowhere.  NO WHERE.  

“Don’t be so predictable,” Trungpa Rinpoche, from the lojong.

I have 30 years on this planet if I am lucky, and am letting go of what humans will leave their grandchildren.  I have none, and thought that was unfortunate but now I am glad, because I won’t wonder what will happen to them when the oceans die, the bees die, and the birds die.  Hell will be right here, and so, now I simply hope I don’t have to see it.  I am coming to the whats-so of what is coming, and will enjoy what I can, and move away from the continual stream of stupidness that is so.  If I vote, it will only be for environmental issues, if there are any on the ballot.

I will paint, I will love my loved ones, I will look at the beauty of art, watch the moon, feel the rain, and I might paint more.

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So, Which Is It?


It's Fine.

I’m scared to post this. I’m afraid of alienating people I love, people I interact with on a daily basis, people whose friendships I value. I wouldn’t say this if it hadn’t been weighing heavy, like a 50 pound weight on my tongue every time I open my mouth to say something and stop before it comes out because I don’t want to stir the pot. I don’t want anyone to be mad at me. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. But I can’t, in good conscience, do that anymore.

I live with a certain degree of privilege. Monetary privilege? Not so much. But social privilege? Absolutely. I am part of a demographic that is perceived as the LEAST THREATENING to society. I’m a White Lady. Further, I’m a Southern White Lady. Still further, I’m a Heterosexual, Cis-Gender, Southern White Lady who Happens to be the Married Mother of Two…

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Native American 10 Commandments

I don’t know whether there are commandments in any Native American tradition (and I have studied two) or if these are in any way true; it is a bit like Buddha’s sayings, many of which are not even close to what Buddha might have said, but they are great nonetheless.  These are a good set of ten rules to live by:

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We are so stressed right now — work stress, deadlines….

Laughter saves us!
If you don’t know Simon’s Cat
here is the gift that will keep on giving!



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